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Brought to you by the same minds behind Yamaha Champions Riding School, the ChampStreet program is designed for street riders of all levels.

Your motorcycle does not know if it’s on your favorite twisty road, a downtown strip, or even a race track; it simply works as directed by you, the onboard engineer. This four-hour program is not your typical slow-speed class. Instead, this class is designed to give you the skills to survive and thrive on real-world streets, with real-world problems: ChampStreet is taught at speed with a curriculum specifically designed for street riding.

In this course, you'll be exposed to concepts that will fundamentally change the way you ride, increasing your safety and fun for years to come. These techniques are derived from championship-winning approaches, and tailored specifically for the BMW MOA.


Enter the name of the person registering and select the session you want to attend. After clicking "Save Registration," you will have the option to register another person in your party. If you have questions or need assistance, our team will be glad to help. Give us a call at (864) 438-0962 (8:30 - 5 EST). Let's get started.

  • June 13, 9:30a-12:00p

  • June 13, 1:30p-4:00p

  • June 14, 9:30a-12:00p

  • June 14, 1:30p-4:00p

  • June 15, 9:30a-12:00p

This highly sought-after training qualifies for a Paul B. Safety Training Rebate from the BMW MOA Foundation


By checking the box below, the entrant waives all claims against the BMW Motorcycle Owners of America, a not-for-profit corporation, (including officials, agents, representatives and administrators acting within the scope of their duties), which may arise through my participation in this event. This waiver includes, but is not limited to, claims for damages which may result from injury to my person or members of my family, and injury to or loss of property.


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